Energy and Environment

Artelia Italia is established as an ESC (Energy Service Company) and provides customers with integrated services for the implementation and management of energy saving operations. It is also accredited by GSE / GME.
Our Energy Services Division employs highly specialized experts in each ring of the energy chain, particularly in the rational use of energy and distribution generation. In addition, our staff is experienced in designing for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.
Our know-how allows us to identify waste and situations of abnormal consumption, define and plan energy saving opportunities and monitor and improve energy and environmental performance.
We offer a wide range of services: from Energy Diagnosis and Monitoring Systems to Energy Management through to full assistance in the adoption and certification of an ISO 50001 Energy Management System (International Voluntary Standard for Energy Management Systems).
In addition, we make "turnkey" photovoltaic systems, efficient heat generation systems, heat recovery, new compressed air power plants, efficient lighting and BMS systems.


Our Energy Efficiency Services:

  • Energy Management
  • Energy Diagnosis
  • Implementation of Monitoring Systems
  • ISO 50001 certification
  • Managing Power Efficiency Titles
  • Implementation of energy efficiency measures
  • Revamping Interventions
  • New installations


In the field of ENERGY AND SUSTAINABILITY our Group is implementing a series of services that can control CO2 emissions and working on the development of renewable energies.
We are also involved in extending the power distribution grids and improving the energy efficiency of buildings.


Our Energy and Sustainability Services:

  • environmental impact management
  • development of hydroelectric production and other renewable energy sources
  • energy access support
  • building certification advice
  • identification of solutions and design techniques for optimal management of resources (environmental, energy, water) and environmental quality.
  • definition of construction techniques and choice of materials (ecolabel).
  • environmental site preparation