Urban Development

Experience in systems and infrastructures for all modes of transport.

Both in the field of sea transport and waterways, as well as in the field of roads and railways, Artelia is one of the leading engineering companies in the world. Transport networks are based on a structured network of processes; they concurrently compete with one another and complement each other. Today, these complex infrastructures need to be tailored to meet the growing need for flexibility, speed, security and environmental impact reduction, within the confines of strict control of investment and operating costs.
To overcome these challenges, we provide our ten-year experience with advanced technical, economic and institutional solutions.


We design Future Cities
Sustainable, resilient, attractive, efficient, socially responsible, digital, giving preference to public transport and soft mobility and incorporating the principles of the circular economy: Tomorrow's city aims to achieve all of these goals. Our challenge is to propose innovative, yet practical solutions to achieve these goals. In two words: SMART CITY.

Our urban development services 

  • We protect and build cities within the city.
  • We create tools to make the city concept sustainable.
  • We create essential infrastructures for urban transformation.
  • We promote multimodal mobility.