Conservative restoration
of the "Procuratie Vecchie"

Artelia Italia is involved in the project of Conservative Restoration of the monumental building of the "Procuratie Vecchie" in Piazza San Marco in Venice.

The project - for which Artelia Italia carries out Project & Construction Management activities, Construction Supervision, Location Supervisor and LEED Accredited Professional - entails the construction of offices, part of which is affected by a "historic" variant project. The project will deliver the building to the community for the first time since its construction, as Assicurazioni Generali intends to create within the "Procuratie" building the headquarters of The Human Safety Net Foundation, which will include museum and conference spaces open to the public.

The variant project, entrusted to David Chipperfield Architects, is awaiting definition, while the demolition activities have already been completed and the structural reinforcement of floors and walls is underway, as are the construction of the new purification systems and the conservative restoration of the back facades and internal courtyards.