We have been operating in the office and service buildings sector for many years, where spatial planning, building optimization, micro-environmental conditions, reliability of communication, building management, and work environment safety must comply with the most up-to-date quality standards.

Artelia Italia has also a long experience in space management and space planning services. The technical-operational methodology developed, starts from an accurate analysis of the specific situation of each Client in order to propose client solutions, able to improve the quality of life, through a process of rationalization of spaces and configuration according to the new smart spaces models. This  is for us an important approach in  respect of the actual needs of resources (through employee engagement), through the development of efficient, flexible and digitized workspaces that integrate together design qualities (excellence, accessibility, sustainability, flexibility) and digitalisation (digitally bookable rooms equipped with advanced video and call conference tools).
Through the rationalization and optimization of the spaces, it is also possible to obtain a reduction in costs (rent, management, etc...) and an increase in efficiency in terms of improving the quality of the rooms through acoustic comfort.
Artelia Italia offers customized spatial and organizational solutions of Smart/Safe Working, resilient spaces that can give answers to the current and future needs of organizations.