Artelia Italia day 2016 - Florence

Intertecno and Artelia Italia together under one Flag!

December, 1st 2016 - all of us, Artelia Italia and Intertecno people gathered for a wonderful day in Florence to team-up and work together to get ready for the 2017 challenges.

It has been a very good occasion to have a look to the current year's activity, projects, performance, and to look ahead to the next exciting business year – the first one after the merger of the two companies which will actually occur on December 31st.
After two years of parallel activity, we will finally and definitively be altogether under the same Flag, taking care to preserve and benefit from the strong print of Intertecno on the market which we highly value; we love Artelia and we love Intertecno! That's the message.

230 participants – almost all staff – have joined the communication day.
More than 20 of us made various presentations about their activities, jobs, personality and showing the commitment and the real value which is the strength of the group we have created.

We've appreciated the participation of Antoine Pigot and Magali Braccini from the head office of Artelia International bringing a good message to the new colleagues, and making us feeling part of a broader community of people.

We shared messages, figures, acknowledgement of our competencies and strengths, a vision of the new organization and of the strategy plan and also… but also fun, and sympathetic moments… it really seems that some of us have a real second talent on stage!!

See you all next year!