Unicredit bank recommends
Artelia Italy

ARTELIA ITALY received a client satisfaction letter from UNICREDIT Bank for the Design & Build Contract in place from 2 years in Italy!
In 2014 Unicredit decided to start an intensive program of rebuild of the Bank Agencies retail in Italy applying a new interior concept design by Matteo Thun & Partners.

In 2015 ARTELIA won two framework agreements in the Center Italy and Sicily Area for Design & Build service. ARTELIA manage, design and execute the interior renovation works for an average of 500/800 sqm of each bank agency.
During the works, the bank agency continues its normal operations with the challenge balance between works and human needs of bank personnel.
The works involve all the mechanical and electrical systems, civil works like painting, ceiling, plastboards and parquet pavement. The construction time is around 4 months per agencies, from June 2015 we completed 10 sites in the Center and Sicily area, for a total of around 6.000 sqm.

The team of the Turn Key Business Unit, put the passion for the work and create a collaborative environment with the stakeholders to find the best solutions to complete the project in order to satisfy the client in term of quality, time, cost and profitability.